NOTICE TO BUYERS !!   (2) AUCTION YARDS !!                     AUCTION YARD #1   Main yard located in Madison,    AUCTION YARD #2  PIPE YARD located outside of Knights Landing, CA   Hwy 45 and Cty Rd 112




Began: 11/30/18 at 10:00 AM PST
Ended: 12/05/18 at 10:00 AM PST


JD 9620, MFWD

JD 9420T Belted Crawler

JD 7830, MFWD

JD 7420, MFWD

JD 7410, MFWD

(2) JD 7210’s, MFWD

JD 6420, MFWD

JD 6410, MFWD

(2) JD 5510’s

CAT Challenger 65B Belted Crawler

CAT Challenger 45 Belted Crawler

CAT D6D Crawler

FIAT 95-55C Crawler, PTO

FIAT 70-65 Crawler, PTO


CASE IH 2388 Harvester on Rubber

CASE IH 1010 25′ header and cart

1994 JOHNSON Tomato Harvester, MDL 94021


AC-L 24’ Drag Disc

AC-L 21’ Drag Disc

KRAUSE 16’ Wheel Disc

DOMRIES Border Disc Ridger

AC 8’ Wheel Discs

HUTCHMASTER 10’ Offset Wheel Disc

DOMRIES 10’ Wheel Disc

DOMRIES 28′ semi-stubble fold up wheel disc

TOWNER 16’ Wheel Disc

AC-GWO 17’ Stubble Wheel Disc

TATU 17’ Stubble Wheel Disc

WILCOX HD 7-Shank Pull Ripper

WILCOX 7-Shank Pull Ripper

WILCOX 6-Bottom Rollover Plow w/ Dolly

JD 16’ Pull Chisel

YONKER JOHNSON 300A Pull V-Ditcher

YONKER JOHNSON 400A Pull V-Ditcher

YONKER JOHNSON ditch closer


(16) JOHNSON 4-Bar Planting Sleds

(10) JOHNSON 5-Bar Cultivating Sleds

(6) JOHNSON 5-Bar Furrow Sleds

(9) Double Row 4-Bar Fertilizer Sleds

(2) Double Row 5-Bar Fumigating Sleds

(5) PERFECTA 3-80” Cultivators

(3) PERFECTA II Bed Cultivators

(3) MARVIN 3-60” Bed Shapers

(2) CUSTOM 3-60” Lister Bars

ORTHMAN 6-60” Fold Up Lister Bar

ORTHMAN 7-60” Lister Shaper

(10) CUSTOM Dbl Row Crust Pickers

GREAT PLAINS 1500 15’ Grain Drill

GREAT PLAINS No Till Planter Cart

(60) JD 33 planters

ALLOWAY 15’ Cultivator


(6) SWEMAC Hyd Vine Trainers

(3) VALLEY HYDRAULICS Hyd Vine Trainers

(6) JD 200 Electronic Thinners

(12) Field Dolly’s

(4) LOPEZ WELDING PTO Power Mulchers

(4) JOHNSON PTO AP Incorporators


CUSTOM 3-60” Bed Chisel

PACE Vine Diverter


YOLO BLACKSMITH 12’ Ripper Roller

LR WILLIAMS 18’ Ripper Roller

LR WILLIAMS 16’ Ripper Roller

SCHMEISER 19’ Smooth Roller

CUSTOM 14’ Smooth Roller

(2) SCHMEISER 16’ Ring Rollers

SCHMEISER (3) sect. 32’ Ring Roller

SCHMEISER (3) sect. 30’ Ring Roller

SCHMEISER (3) sect. 26’ Ring Roller


(2) BUSH HOG 10’ PTO Rotary Choppers

BUSH HOG 15’ PTO Rotary Chopper

REARS 15’ PTO Chopper

REARS 12’ PTO Chopper

VRISIMO 15’ PTO Shredder

VRISIMO 14’ PTO Flail Mower


1993 KENWORTH L10  2-Axle Conventional Truck

1994 GMC Top Kick Truck, Diesel

LANDALL 317 38’ 2-Axle Trailer, Sliding Axles

CUSTOM 32’ 5th Wheel Tool Carrier, Hyd

ARCHER 30’ Tool Carrier, Hyd

(2) CUSTOM 16′ 2-Axle Equipment Trailers

(2) WISCONSIN 10t 22′ 2-Axle Tilt Bed Trailers

CUSTOM 17′ 2-Axle Tiltbed Equipment Trailer

BULLDOG 6t 18′  3-Axle Equipment Trailer

CUSTOM Hyd Poly Tank Mover Trailer


(2) MARVIN 16×30 Triplanes

MARVIN 17×60 Landplanes

MARVIN 16’ Drag Box Scraper

MARVIN 10’ Drag Box Scraper

TOWNER 12’ Drag Box Scraper

B&N 10’ Drag Box Scraper

RHINO 10’ 3-Pt Hyd Angle Blade

BUSH HOG 8’ 3-Pt Hyd Angle Blade


OVER 15 MILES OF WHEEL LINE                                                                                       

OVER   3 MILES OF 10″ ALU MAINLINE PIPE                                                                   

OVER   1 MILES OF   8″ ALU MAINLINE PIPE                                                                   

OVER   1 MILES OF   3″ ALU SPRINKLER HAND LINE PIPE                                               

1,000’S  OF ALU SYPHON PIPE all sizes…  AND MORE !      

(5) 2015 CASE IH P170 Stationary Pump Engines

(9) CUMMINS 6-Cyl Portable Ditch Pumps

(7) JD 6-Cyl Portable Ditch Pumps

PERKINS 4 cyl. portable ditch pump


(320) IRECO 8”x30’ Alu Mainline Pipe

IRECO 8” Elbows and Clamps

(50) IRECO 6”x30’ Alu Mainline Pipe

IRECO 6” Elbows and Clamps

(325) REDI-RAIN 8”x30’ Alu Mainline Pipe

REDI-RAIN 8” Elbows and Clamps

(440) RAINWAY 8”x30’ Alu Mainline Pipe

RAINWAY 8” Elbows and Clamps

(100) AMES 10”x30’ Alu Mainline Pipe

AMES 10” Elbows and Clamps

(100) FELCO&M 10″ Alu Mainline Pipe

FELCO 10″  Elbows and Clamps

(1800) WESTERN 3”x30’ Alu Handline sprinkler pipe

(1900) SURE RAIN 3”x30’ Alu Handline sprinkler pipe

(615) REDI-RAIN 3”x30’ Handline sprinkler pipe

1,000’s of Alu Siphon Pipe (all sizes) 6”, 4”, 2” 1 ½”, 1 ¼”, 1”, ¾”

(50) WILSON 1/4 MILE sections Wheel Line irrigation pipe

(10) REDI-RAIN 1/4 MILE sections Wheel Line, irrigation pipe

(2) Single Axle 40’ Wheel Mover Trailers

(3) 2-Axle Hand Line Trailers

2-Axle Mainline Pipe Trailer

2-Axle Torque Tube Trailer


JD 6-Wheel Gator, Diesel

TCM 2500Lb Forklift

(4) 15’ Adjustable Spike Harrows

(2) 15’ 3-Pt Spike Adj Spike Harrows

WILCOX 3-60” 5×7 3-Pt Drip Tape Injector Sled

CUSTOM 3-60” 5×7 3-Pt Drip Tape Retriever Sled

(6) CUSTOM 3-Pt 30’ Folding Spray Boom Attachments

(8) CUSTOM 15’ Dbl Row 3-Pt Spray Boom Sleds

BOGGS 65’ X-Fold Spray Boom Attachment

(3) 6500 Gal Upright Poly Tanks

6200 Gal Upright Poly Tank

(5) 7800 Gal Upright Poly Tanks

(4) 1100 Gal Poly Tanks

2500 Gal Poly Tank

500 Gal Poly Tank

1100 Gallon Black Poly Tank

7200 Gal Upright Poly Tank

10,000 Gal Steel Diesel Fuel Tank, Elec Pump

16,000 Gal Steel Diesel Tank

14,000 Gal Steel Diesel Fuel Tank, Honda Pump

4000 Gal Steel Diesel Fuel Tank, Elec Pump

1000 Gal Steel Diesel Fuel Tank & Stand, Elec Pump

1800 Gal S.S. Tank

(3) 2-Axle 1000 Gal Poly Tank Trailers, Honda Eng/Pump

(3) 2-Axle 100 Gal Poly Tank Spray Trailers, 30’ Boom

Single Axle 100 Gal S.S. Tank Trailer, B&S Eng/Pump

Single Axle 300 Gal Poly Tank Trail

)2) PBM ATT100 22’ Sprayers

(2) 60 Gal Poly Spray Domes

(2) Single Axle Kubota Generator/Light Plants

(4)500 Gal Fuel Wagons, Eng/Pump

(2) 300 Gal Fuel Wagons, Eng/Pump

Single Axle 200 Gal Propane Burner Trailer

150, 200, 250, 300 Gallon S.S. Side Tanks

150, 200, 250, 300 Gallon Poly Side Tanks

MILLER 250 wirefeed welder

CURTIS 5HP 17g air compressor




All payments must be made by cash, certified funds ( Bank cashier’s check or wired funds).  Company or personal checks must have Bank Letter of Guarantee to Putman Auctioneers. (NO DEBIT or CREDIT CARDS accepted) A 10% Buyer’s Premium and Sales Tax is assessed to all items (lots).  Maximum Buyer’s fee capped at $ 1,500/lot. All sales are final when awarded to the successful bidder. No refunds or adjustments.  All items sold on an “As-Is”, Where Is” basis without warranty or guarantees expressed or implied.  Please try to inspect equpment prior to bidding.  Auctioneers not responsible for errors or omissions in inventory.          Please call the office should you have any questions, we’re happy to assist you !

Auction site is located in Madison, CA near Esparto, off Interstate Hwy I505.  Located just 11 miles West of Woodland, CA on State Hwy 16.  Take County Rd 89 South 2 miles to County Rd 23. West on County Rd 23 1 mile to auction site.  (Follow Auction arrows)

ADDRESS:  28551 County Road 23 Madison, CA  95653

Putman Auctioneers, Inc.


958 Stewart Rd. Yuba City, CA 95991

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