June “Early” Summer Auction

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Online Auction   EARLY SUMMER SALE !!

Starts Fri. June 23  1:00 pm   Closes Wed.  June 28  1:00 pm

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INSPECTION DAYS Fri. June  23rd  and Sat. June  24th  9-5

PICKUP DAYS -June 29  & 30  8-5

Began: 06/23/17 at 1:00 PM PDT
Ended: 06/28/17 at 1:00 PM PDT

 (W)= Woodland       (BC)= West Butte City/Princeton


ROME 18′ Stubble Wheel Disc w/ BRAND NEW 32″ Hard Faced Blades

Fiat-Hesston 665CM Crawler (W)

CAT D7 17A crawler (W)

CAT D7 17A crawler (W)

(3) JD 4020 PS tractors (W)

AC HD 11AG crawler (W)

AC HD 11S crawler (W)

HESTON 2210 28′ field cultivator (BC)

VIRISMO 15′  3 pt pto chopper (W)

DANDL 10′ 3 pt pto offset chopper (W)

Portable walk behind almond pruner and saw unit on single axle trailer (BC)

 w/ WISCONSIN engine

BUSH HOG 245 18′ 6″ offset wheel disc (BC)

CUSTOM 30′ fold up aqua bar w/ 500g poly tank (BC)

Self-propelled bankout w/ CAT 3208 eng. and ALLISON transmission (BC)

Self-propelled bankout w/ CAT 3208 eng. and ALLISON transmission (BC)


1957 FORD flatbed dump truck  (W)

AC 24′ Ring Roller (W)

Kohler 125KW Portable Generator w/ JD Diesel (W)

F-Spedo Potato Digger (W)

3-Pt 6′ Box Scraper (W)

FALC 5′ 3-Pt PTO Rotary Spade w/ Guards (W)

Andros Single Drip Tape Injector on 3-Pt Johnson Toolbar (W)

Custom 30′ Folding Aqua Bar (W)

Custom Single Row 3-Pt Transplanter (W)

SHOPBUILT self-propelled bin carrier w/ JD 4 cyl eng.



JD 8220 tractor MFW  (One owner..only 4,500 hours) (BC)

CASE/IH STX 440 Quadtrack (W)

CASE/IH 270 tractor MFWD (W)

CASE/IH 240 tractor MFWD (W)

 CASE/IH MXU 115 tractor MFWD (W)

 CASE/IH 7110 tractor (W)


 FORD 3000 tractor (W)

 FIAT 605 CMS crawler (W)

 KUBOTA L4630 tractor MFWD w/ WOODS loader

 and KUBOTA BH90 backhoe attachment (W)

 KUBOTA M5040 tractor MFWD (W)

 KUBOTA L245H high clearance tractor

w/ 3 pt sprayer attachment and fert. tank (W)


  CASE/IH 8010 on rubber, (Only 1,200 hours) (W)

 CASE/IH 2188 harvester on rubber w/tracks (W)

 CASE/IH 1680 on rubber (BC)

 w/ CUM eng., and tracks

 1991 JOHNSON tomato harvester (W)

 LILLISTON 6200 bean harvester (W)

 HONEYBEE 25’ header w/ cart (W)

 (2) BRENT 678 pull bankouts on rubber (W)

CUSTOM self-propelled bankout

 w/ CAT 3208


 ROME 18’ stubble disc (NEW BLADES)  (W)

 JD 21’ disc (W)

 AC-L 24’ disc (W)

 JD 9′ wheel disc (BC)

 MILLER 24’ offset wheel disc (BC)

 TOWNER 21’ uni-beam disc (BC)

 AC 24’(3) section ring roller (W)

 SCHMEISER 32’ (3) section ring roller (W)

 CASE/IH 5800 pull 19’ chisel w/ JD 1610 shanks (BC)

 CUSTOM 12’ 3 pt chisel (BC)

 CUSTOM pull V ditcher (BC)

 AC 3 shank pull ripper (W)

 AC 9 shank pull ripper (W)

 MARVIN 3 shank pull ripper (W)


 (3) ROTOZONE 8250 custom one pass incorporators

  (Go to rotozone calwest fab.com for info. and video) (BC)

 WILCOX PRF-360 performer (W)

 (2) JOHNSON incorporators (W)

 JOHNSON/JD 71 8 row double row planter sled (BC)

 LILLISTON 8 row custom cultivator (BC)

(3) LILLISTON cultivators (W)

 BRILLION (3)sect. 18’ ring roller (W)

 SCHMEISER 12’ ring roller (W)

 SCHMEISER 21’ ring roller (BC)

 SCHMEISER 19’ ring roller (BC)

 (2) 4 bottom rollover plows (W)

 CUSTOM 30’ fold up fertilizer bar (W)

 GANDY 3 row baiter bar (W)

 8 row 30” 3 pt lister/furrow bar (BC)

 FALC 3 pt soil plow (W)


 1999 FREIGHTLINER FL50 w/ 12’ bed (W)

 1989 INTL. 4600 nurse truck w/ 2000g poly tank (W)

 1980 INTL. 1954 nurse truck w/ 2000g poly tank (W)

 1999 FORD F w/ 12’ flatbed (W)

 1999 FORD F w/ 22’ flatbed (W)

 (4) 1995-2002 FORD F250 pickups w/ 7.3 diesel engines (W)

 1955 FORD F600 w/ 13’ bed, hoist and steel bulk bin (W)

 JACOBSEN PRO-TRAK 28’ 13t 2 axle gooseneck trailer (BC)

 w/ fold up ramps

 DONAHUE 28’ equipment trailer (BC)

 20’ 3 axle flatbed farm trailer (W)

 SNUGTOP 8’ truck topper (W)

 “SPECIAL” Misc. Equipment

 BOBCAT 763H Skid Steer (W)

 HOLMAC HZC 16-22 CUSTOM self-propelled tree digger (W)

 SCHMEISER 24’ pull laser drag scraper w/ transport wheels (W)

 (2) PUMPMASTER portable 12” ditch pumps w/ DEUTZ engines (W)

 CAT 12 road grader (W)

 PBM 100g pull sprayer (BC)

 MARVIN 16’x 30’ triplane (W)

 JD 3 pt 9’ angle blade w/ hyd. (BC)

 BUSH-HOG 3 pt 10’ angle blade w/ hyd. (BC)

 CUSTOM 3 pt 10’ angle blades w/ hyd. (W)

 CUSTOM 12’ drag scraper (BC)

 250g fuel wagon (W)

 300g fuel wagon (W)

 400g fuel wagon (BC)

 500g fuel wagon (W)

 (3) 750g fuel wagons (W)

 DEMCO 300g poly side tanks w/ brackets (BC)

 3 pt 20’ cherry picker hoist (BC)

 (3) 250g square poly tanks (BC)

 ATLAS 10’ orchard plane (W)

 CUSTOM 3 pt ridger (W)

 GEARMORE 6’ 3 pt mower (W)

 GEARMORE 5’ 3 pt rototiller (W)

 (3) pt post hole digger (W)

 WEEDBADGER 2550 SST weeder

 SOLEX 3 pt gopher baiter (W)

 PACALL heat shrink unit for cucumbers (W)

 550g poly tank (BC)

 425g poly tank (BC)

 300g poly tank (BC)

 1,500g poly tank (BC)

 2,500g poly tank (W)

 (4) 8,000g poly tanks (W)

 (7) Rolls 9” VINYLFLOW “Lay down”

     Irigation pipe (W)

 (800) 2” dbl. bend ALU syphon pipe (BC)

 (600) 1 ½” ALU syphon pipe (BC)

(500) 1 ¼” ALU syphon pipe (BC)

 3/8” x 24” x 17’ 6” steel culvert pipe

 1/4” x 22” x 17’ 6” steel culvert pipe

 (6,000) 2”x 8’ round ” treated”  wood tree stakes (W)

 CHICAGO belt drive shop drill press w/ tooling (BC)

 FIRESTON 15-26 tractor tire (BC)

 (2) GOODYEAR 13.00-24TG tires (BC)

 (2) GOODYEAR 9.00/55-R32 harvester tires/rims (BC)

 (2) MICHELIN 16.9-R30 tractor tires/rims (BC)











All payments must be made by Cash, Bank Cashier’s check, Company or Personal Checks must have a Bank Guarantee Letter to Putman Auctioneers, Inc. or with prior approval. 


All items sold on an “AS-IS” basis with no guarantees expressed or implied.  Please inspect equipment prior to bidding. 

Auctioneers not responsible for errors or omissions in inventory.

WOODLAND auction site: 

From Woodland take State Hwy 16  West to County Rd. 95. South on County Rd. 95 to County Rd. 25.  West on 25 1 mile to auction site.

PRINCETON – BUTTE CITY auction site:

From Willows: Take Interstate 5 South to Rd. 57 exit (Exit 601).  East to Old Hwy 99W.  South on 99W to County Rd. 60.  East on County Rd. 60 which then turns to County Rd. 61 9 miles to Auction Site.


From Colusa: Take State Hwy 45 North 15 miles to  Princeton and North another 3 miles to the junction of State Hwy 45 and State Hwy 162. (Four Corners). West on County Rd. 61 1/8 mile to Auction Site.






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JD 8220 MFWD- One Owner tractor w/ 4,500 hrs !! CASE/IH 8810 on rubber  (Only 1,200 sep. hours) CASE/IH 245 tractor MFWD and Brent 678 pull bankout SCHMEISER 24' laser drag scraper w/ transport wheels CASE/IH STX 440 Quadtack

Click on any image to view larger.

ROME 18' Wheel Stubble Disc w/ New Hardfaced 32" Blades Hesston Fiat 665 CM Crawler Case 8840 Swather Freeman 330 Baler BRENT 678 pull bankout "Excellent Condition"
John Deere 4020 Tractor w/ SS Side Tanks, Powershift HESTON 2210 28' field cultivator GATES "Marvin style" 16x30 triplane CAT D7-17A Crawler w/ Wet Deck Upgrade (2 of 2) AC HD-11AG Crawler
CAT D7-17A Crawler w/ Wet Deck Upgrade (1 of 2) AC HD-11S Crawler TOWNER 621 24' disc John Deere 4020 Tractor, Powershift WALLACE MFG. 500g fuel wagon w/ HONDA & (2) barrel racks
CUSTOM 30' fold up aqua bar w/ 500g poly tank Pic 1 CUSTOM 30' fold up aqua bar w/ 500g poly tank Pic 2 Self propelled bankout w/ CAT 3208 and ALLISON transmission BUSH HOG 245 18' 6" offset wheel stubble disc CHICAGO belt drive drill press w/ bits
Miller welder w/ helmet Parts washer Case 6814 3-Pt 9 Shank Ripper John Deere 4020 Tractor w/ SS Tanks, Powershift NH 9482 VERSATILE 4WD tractor
CASE/IH 2188 harvster on rubber w/ tracks Custom Self Propelled Bankout Wagon w/ CAT 3208, planetary axles CASE 1680 Harvester HONEYBEE 25' header w/ cart JOHNSON tomato harvester
Custom 30' 3-Pt Folding Aqua Bar UNIVERSAL 40x24 Folding Triplane AC 24' Ring Roller CASE/IH MXU 115 tractor MFWD BOBCAT 763H skidsteer
CASE/IH 195 tractor MFWD 6 Bottom Rollover Plow CASE/IH 270 tractor MFWD (2) PUMPMASTER 12" portable ditch pumps w/ DEUTZ eng. 750g fuel wagon
Kohler 125KW Portable Generator w/ JD Diesel KUBOTA M5040 Tractor, MFWD KUBOTA L4630 Tractor, MFWD backhoe/loader CASE/IH 7110 ROTOZONE 8250 custom 20' one pass incorporator (Go to video)
ROTOZONE 8250 CUSTOM 20'"No till" one pass incorporator (Go to video) 1of3 ROTOZONE 8250 20' 8 row pto Incorporator "(Go to video)"No till" one pass  incorporator WILCOX PRF360 performer F-Spedo Potato Digger Falc 3-Pt PTO Rotary Spade
CUSTOM 10' Angle Blade w/ Hydraulics 6' Box Scraper JOHNSON/JD 71 8 row double row planter 250 Gallon Fuel Wagon 8 row 30" lister/furrow bar
MARVIN 16'x 30' triplane JACOBSEN PRO-TRAK 28' 12t 2 axle gooseneck trailer LILLISTON 8 row "late style" cultivator DONAHUE 28' equipment trailer Self propelled bankout w/ CAT 3208 and ALLISON transmission
CUSTOM 12' pull drag scraper PBM 100g pull sprayer JD 9' 3 pt angle  blade w/ Hyd. DEMCO 300g poly tanks w/ brackets 2,500g poly tank (Used with water only)
JD 21' disc 1,500g poly tank (Used with water only) Brillion roller 550g poly tank (Used w/water only) Lilliston Cultivator(s)
Poly tank Small comodity hopper bins Small commodity hopper bins 1 1/4" ALU syphon pipe 1 1/2" ALU syphon pipe
2" ALU syphon pipe CAT 12 motorgrader LILLISTON 6200 bean harvester 1946 Willy's CJ-2A Jeep 1957 Ford Flatbed  Dump Truck
1955 FORD F600 w/13' bed,hoist, & bulk bin 1987 INTL CO 10 wheel truck GOODYEAR 13.00-24TG tires/rims Set GOODYEAR 9.00/55-R32 harvester tires 400g fuel wagon
CUSTOM pull V ditcher SCHMEISER 21' ring roller (2) Steel culvert pipe SCHMEISER 19' ring roller BUSH-HOG 10' 3 pt angle  blade
16' spike tooth harow w/ evener CASE/IH 5800 19' 3 pt chisel w/ JD shanks TOWNER 21'  disc AC 7 Shank Ripper MURRAY 3 shank HD pull ripper w/ hyd.
AC-L 24' Disc HOLMAC HZC 16-22 Tree Digger KUBOTA High Clearance L245H Tractor 1,000g nurse tank trailer (1-ONLY) 1999 FORD F w/ 22' bed
8,000g poly tanks 500 Gal Fuel Wagon 8,000g poly tanks 500 Gal Fuel Wagon Custom 750g fuel wagons
Partial listings ... more coming !!  Call Today! 500g tank (2) 500 gal fuel wagons for pumps trailer ramps Older BAZOOKA elevator
Cherry picker hoist - 3 point (13) BUNDLES of (460) ct.  6,000 appr. rd. wood  Tree Stakes 300g fuel wagon Walk behind small orchard pruner w/saw, clippers & Wisc. eng. Self propelled  bin carrier w/ JD 4 cyl diesel engine

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