Winter 2015 End of year Auction







Began: 12/05/15 at 9:00 AM PST
Location: 1303 10th Street, Colusa County Fairgrounds, Colusa, CA 95932

Auction starts with ALU syphon pipe followed by some nice cars, 3 point equipment then into the big stuff !  We  finish with the misc. and good pallet items.  Auction should be over around 3:00- 3:30 pm.  You don’t want to miss this fun SALE !!!


CAT CHALLENGER 45 belted crawler, 3 pt/pto

REYNOLDS 15 Yd Eject Laser Scraper w/ Dolly

CASE IH 2188 Rice Harvester w/ Header

CUSTOM Self Propelled Bankout w/ Cummins Diesel

PORTER 22 Ft Stiff Shank Chisel w/ Mulchers

CAT Challenger MT745 

FORD Backhoe/Loader w/ Extendahoe

CAT Backhoe/Loader w/ Extendahoe

1997 Trailwest Horse Trailer w/ Living Quarters.

1992 CHEVY Mechanics Truck

1983 FORD Nurse Truck w/ 2000 Gal Tank.

A&L F700 Pull Bankout Cart

JD 4630 PS w/ 150g S.S. tank

WOODS Tree Squirrel

1996 FREIGHTLINER Truck w/ Cab

FLORY Self Propelled Sweeper

5.9L CUMMINS Natural Gas Stationary Engine

(2) CUSTOM 5th wheel Dolly’s

RIM ROCK MFG  980g Fuel Wagon w/ Engine/Pump (NEW)

RIM ROCK MFG 750 Gal Fuel Wagon w/Engine/Pump(NEW)


FORD 4610 Tractor

JACOBSEN G-10 Tractor Tug

CUSTOM 3-Pt Shaker Head

1948 CASE VA Tractor

BUSH-HOG 245 15′ wheel disc

DEUTZ-ALLIS 1300 22′ fold up springtooth cultivatorc

CUSTOM 16′ 2 axle electric tilt trailer w/ Metal Bulk Bin 

 WEISS-McNAIR SUPER VAC 8900X self propelled nut harvester

JACOBSEN 6t 30′ 2 axle tilt bed equipment trailer

CUSTOM 32′ 2 axle equipment trailer w/ ramps

UNIVERSAL 20′ x 40′ triplane

FORD 755A backhoe/loader-Extendahoe

FORD 5030 tractor MFWD

FORD 5030 tractor w/NH front loader

CUSTOM 22′ pull mud chisel


CAT CHALLENGER MT745 belted track crawler

CAT CHALLENGER 45 belted track crawler w/ side tanks

CASE/IH 9380 QUAD track w/ 3 pt

JD 9300 w/ 3 pt.

JD 6430 PREMIUM w/ JD 673 SL loader

CASE/IH 4210 w/ JESSIE front brush rake attachment


KUBOTA M120 MFWD spray tractor w/ steel wheels

 and CUSTOM 60’ spray boom and controls

CAT D7-3T crawler w/ cable V dozer

CAT D5-21J crawler w/ hyd. dozer


MF 220 skip loader w/ GANNON rear box scraper

FORD 8N custom forklift tractor

 w/ power steering, 12V system

1948 CASE VA tractor

CASE VAC tractor


JD CTS II belted track harvester

CUSTOM self- propelled bankout w/ CAT 3208, planetary axles

(2) BRENT 674 pull pto bankout carts

HONEYBEE 21′ header/cart- JD adaptor

HONEYBEE 21′ header/cart- LEXION adaptor

HONEYBEE 25’ header/cart- LEXION adaptor

SHELBOURNE-REYNOLDS 20’ stripper header- 10 bat

  w/ LEXION  adapter


JD 650 30’ wheel disc

(2)TOWNER 621 21’ discs

TOWNER 611 21’ disc

TOWNER 18’ HDB30 stubble disc

TOWNER 20’ HDB30 stubble disc

JD 225 10’ wheel disc

WILCOX 17’ pull chisel

CUSTOM 21’ 3 pt chisel

(2) CUSTOM 17’ mud chisels

CUSTOM 16’ mud chisel

 AC 600 5 shank pull ripper

 AC 300 5 shank pull ripper


 MONOSEM 8 row air corn planter

YONKER-JOHNSON 300 pull V ditcher

TOWNER pull V ditcher

(2)SCHMEISER 19’ ring rollers

LILLISTON 15’ 3 pt rolling cultivator

CUSTOM 3 pt 40′ spray boom


KILBY set shaker/receiver w/ JD engines

RAMACHER TB36 pull pto nut harvester

FLORY 7640 self propelled sweeper-8′ w/ WISC engine

GIRETTE pruning tower w/ HONDA engine and shears

CUSTOM 14’ V blade orchard float w/ roller


FALC 4700 15’ pto chopper

REARS 12’ offset pto flail mower

DANDL 18’ expand pto flail mower

DANDL RC 15 15’ pull pto chopper


REYNOLDS 15CFBR laser scraper w/ front dolly

SWECO 24’x 30’ foldup triplane

TOWNER 16’x 30’ triplane

(2) RICHVALE MFG 25’ pull laser drag scrapers (OUT OF SALE)

BEGEE 16’ laser drag scraper

CUSTOM 10’ drag scraper

GANNON 7’ drag scraper

LETOURNAL LF 8 yd. cable carryall scraper

(3) Laser tower trailers


1992 PETERBILT 2 axle truck

1991 FORD LN 9000 3 axle truck

1988 KENWORTH 2 axle truck

1985 VIKING convertible grain trailers w/ slats

1978 TRAILMOBILE convertible grain trailers w/ slats

1975 DELTA convertible grain trailers w/ slats

1981 SIEBERT lowbed trailer (OUT OF SALE)

CUSTOM 33’ implement carrier w/ HONDA 24hp engine

1963 UTILITY ALU tanker trailers (OUT OF SALE)

1960 FRUEHAUF bottom dump gravel trailers

12,000g aqua blimp trailer

2000 WILDERNESS 5th wheel 28’ travel trailer w/ slide out (OUT OF SALE)

(2) SNOW Utility TrailerS


2004 TOYOTA Camry LE

2002 Chevy Impala

1999 TOYOTA Camry LE

2005 Ford Crown Vic x2

2003 CHEV Tahoe 4X4

2002 OLDS Intrigue- 6 cyl.

2000 Ford Crown Vic

1979 Ford 4×4 Pickup

1999 DODGE Durango 4×4

1983 CHEVY Spray Truck

1999 HONDA Civic

2003 GMC Yukon

“SPECIAL” Misc. Equipment

SWECO 21’ rice roller w/ 1600g aqua/ dry box and transport wheels

CUSTOM 36’ aqua bar w/ transport wheels

CAT 215 Excavator (OUT OF SALE)

CAT 423 Backhoe EXT. ROPS


JD 8350 13’grain drill-dbl. disc openers

TOWNER 3 pt rice ridger (OUT OF SALE)

HYSTER 150 15,000lb forklift

PETTIBONE field forklift

ANTHONY ATHEY 6000lb field forklift (OUT OF SALE)

TOWMOTOR 4000 forklift-gas

MARVIN 750g S.S. fertilizer applicator

HARDY 100g pull strip sprayer w/ HONDA eng/pump and 28’ spray boom

ALLEN 9784 V hay rake

(2) NH basket rakes

Alfalfa levee checker

Alfalfa levee shaper

ZUMWALT 25’(5)section spike tooth harrow/evener

(2) JD 6068 stationary engines on stands

  w/ ROCKWELL HSP #3 clutch/ptos 

1,00’s 1”,1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2” ALU syphon pipe

(50) 6” ALU gated pipe

(50) 8” ALU gated pipe

JENSEN BHP 150hp gear head

JENSEN BHP 125hp gear head

600g fuel wagon w/ electric pump

750g fuel wagon w/ HONDA eng/pump

1000g fuel wagon w/ HONDA eng/pump

CLARK 409 planetary axles

(2)LEROI 185 portable air compressors- Diesel

CABRAL/MF 596 spray cab

8’x 7’ portable storage container

4’ drag disc

5’ 3 pt pto rotary chopper


Auctioneers are not responsible for errors or omissions in inventory.









TERMS AND CONDITIONS: CASH, CASHIERS’ CHECK, PERSONAL OR COMPANY CHECKS MUST HAVE BANK LETTER OF GUARANTEE TO PUTMAN AUCTIONEERS.  (NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS)                10% Buyer’s premium and sales tax assessed on all items(Lots). Maximum Buyer’s fee of $ 1,000 per lot.  Internet buyers will be charged a 3% Internet convienience fee.  Please call the office should you have any questions, we’re  happy to assist you !

EVERYTHING SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER.  All sales are final when awarded to the successful bidder.  No Refunds or adjustments, All purchases must be paid on day of auction sale.

Everything  sold “As-is-where is” with no warranty or guarantees expressed or implied.

Please inspect equipment prior to purchase. 

Pick up days are:  At the conclusion of the day’s auction.

Sunday  9:am till 5:00pm

Monday  8:am till 5:00pm

Tuesday 8:am till 5:00pm

Everything must be out of the Auction site by Wednesday Dec. 9th.

COLUSA COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS  located just outside of Colusa on State Hwy 20.     ADDRESS:                1303  10th Street Colusa, CA  95932

Click on any image to view larger.

Click on any image to view larger.

550 Gal Fuel Wagon w/ Engine/Pump 1997 Trailswest Horse Trailer/living quarters Shelbourne-Reynolds Stripper Header 1992 Chevy Mechanics Truck Porters Stiff Shank 22 ft Chisel w/ Mulchers
Cat Challenger MT745 CASE IH 2188 Rice Harvester w/ Header 1983 Ford Nurse Truck A&L F700 Pull Grain Cart CAT Backhoe/Loader Extendahoe
Ford Backhoe/Loader Extendahoe CASE IH Fold-Up Wheel Disc Domries 7 ft Orchard Disc TOWNER20' stubble Disc CUSTOM Self Propelled Bankout w/ Cummins Diesel
REYNOLDS 15 Yard Eject Laser Scraper w/ Dolly Custom 1000 Gal Fuel Tank Custom 980 Gal Fuel Wagon Self Propelled Flory Sweeper Jacobsen G-10 Tractor Tug
Woods Tree Squirrel Custom 3-Pt Shaker Head Ford 4610 Tractor (2) 5th Wheel Dolly's 1996 Freightliner Truck w/Cab
1948 Case VA Tractor 5.9L Dodge Stationary Natural Gas Engine. JD 6430 PREMIUM MFWD w/ JD 643 SL loader CAT CHALLENGER MT745 (2) 5th Wheel Dolly's
JD CTS II on belted tracks JD 9300, w/ 3 pt BRENT 674 pull pto bankout SWECO 24x30 Triplane w/ Fold-Up Bucket JD 4630 PS w/ SS Tanks
JD 650 30' wheel disc CAT CHALLENGER 45 w/ side tanks CUSTOM 33' Implement Carrier w/ Honda Engine JD 225 10' wheel disc THOMAS 24x40 Belted Loader
WEISS-McNAIR SUPER VAC 8900X self propelled nut harvester VERSATILE 2210 tractor MFWD HONEYBEE 25' 10 bat header/cart-LEXION adaptor CUSTOM 16' 2 axle trailer w/ electric lift -17' DEUTZ-ALLIS 1300 22' fold up springtooth cultivator
CUSTOM 40 Ft Spray Boom HYSTER 150 16000 forklift CASE 580"SUPER L" ext. backhoe/loader CUSTOM 17' 2 axle (8 tire) equipment trailer w/ ramps SWECO 21' rice roller w/ 1600g aqua/ dry box and transport wheels
FORD 5030 MFWD JD 6420L tractor MFWD 25 Ft Honeybee Header-LEXION adaptor IHC 806 tractor w/ rear duals RIM ROCK MFG. Tree Grappler
500 Gal Durant Weiland Sprayer BUSH-HOG 245 15' wheel disc MARIVN 24' spike harrow w/ cart MARVIN 750g fertilizer applicator RIM ROCK MFG. 720g fuel wagon w/ HONDA eng./pump
MARVIN 20'x40' triplane PETTIBONE forklift 4WD, w/ DET. 453 HONEYBEE 25' header/ cart -LEXION adaptor CUSTOM 26 Ft Chisel CUSTOM 32' gooseneck equipment trailer/ramps
1991 FORD LN9000 3 axle truck JD Stationary Diesel Engine w/Tank TOWNER 16x30 triplane Howse 6 ft Box Scraper w/Scarfires POLARIS 4x4 ATV
6 Row Lister Bar 60 Ton Drill Press CAT D5-21J w/ hyd. dozer TOWNER 5 ft Drag Disc Howse 5 ft PTO Mower
Cultivator Bar (2) Backhoe Buckets CASE/IH 9170 4WD CUSTOM 1,000g fuel wagon w/ KOHLER  6hp eng./pump 50 Gal PBM Sprayer
RIM ROCK MFG 980g fuel wagon w/HONDA eng/pump KUBOTA M120 spray tractor MFWD w/ steel wheels-60' spray boom (Trailer not for sale) Hay Squeeze Attachment JESSIE BRUSH RAKE ATTACHMENT (goes with CASE 4210) CASE/IH 4210 tractor MFWD w/ front brush rake attachment
1999 Ford Expedition MONOSEM NG+3 8 row air planter w/markers 1992 PETERBILT 2 axle truck International 300 Angle Blade
TOWNER 611 21' disc. (Carrier not for ) THOMAS 24' x40' portable Belt Loader PIKE self propelled bankout w/ CAT 3208, planetary axles AC HD 11 AG crawler (1of3) ALU convertible grain trailers
LEROI 185 portable air compressor-Diesel FORD 5030 MFWD w/ NH 7310 loader 1988 KENWORTH 2 axle truck JACOBSEN 6t tilt bed equipment trailer-30' SCHMEISER 19' ring roller
MF 220 skip loader w/ rear box scraper CUSTOM 36' aqua bar w/ transport wheels Front view of Custom 36' aqua bar '91 FORD F800 "PULLER TRUCK",diesel,ALLISON trans,5,000LB lift, 10k pull lift, STAHL service body 2001 GMC 3500 mechanics truck-Diesel
CUSTOM 10' drag scraper 2002 OLDSMOBILE Intrique- 6 cyliner-"Smogged" GIRETTE pruning tower w/ HONDA & shears "Vintage" CASE VAC tractor ALLEN 9784 V rake
CUSTOM 21' 3 pt chisel BEGEE 16' laser drag scraper "Vintage" CASE VA tractor 3000 Gal Poly Tank DANDL RC15 15' pull pto chopper
CUSTOM 14' V blade orchard float w/ roller BRENT 674 pull pto bankout cart FALC 4700 15' pto chopper 1960 FRUEHAUF set bottom dump gravel trailers 10,000g approx. aqua tank
2002 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 CUSTOM 40' spray boom ALFALFA levee shaper TOWMOTOR 4000lb forklift 2001 Chevy Tahoe 4x4
DANDL 3 pt offset pto chopper RAMACHER TB36 pull pto nut harvester SCHMEISER 19' ring roller 1983 Chevy Pickup w/ FMC Sprayer REARS 12' offset pto flail mower
JD 6068 stationary engine w/ROCKWELL pto (2) NH basket rakes JD 6068 stationary engine w/ ROCKWELL pto 1979 Ford 4x4 Pickup AC 5-Shank Ripper
CUSTOM 1000g fuel wagon w/ electric pump (2) Snow Utility Trailers CUSTOM 600g fuel wagon w/ electric pump 2004 Toyota Camry ALFALFA levee shaper
Towner Pull V Ditcher 1999 Dodge Durango 4x4 Towner Style Disc 2003 GMC Yukon 2000 Toyota Camry
FORD 8N custom forklift tracto w/ power steering & 12v system 1999 Honda Civic 1996 Dodge Dakota YONKER-JOHNSON 300 pull V ditcher 2005 Ford Crown Vic
(2) CUSTOM laser tower trailers

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958 Stewart Rd. Yuba City, CA 95991

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