Winter Round Up- End of the year Auction



Began: 12/13/14 at 9:00 AM PST
Location: 8949 State Hwy 20, Yuba City (SUTTER), CA 95982


SIEBERT 4Ot lowbed

CAT D6c- 74a

HYSTER shop forklift

BAKER forklift

TOWNER GB14  18 disc


NAMMCO LG40 40′ grader board w/ transport wheels

AC 3 shank pull ripper

JD 650 25′ fold up wheel disc

CAT 65 belted crawler

 w/ WILCOX 3 pt, ONLY 5,700 hrs !

JD 650 25′ fold up wheel disc

NH TN75A tractor w/ WEISS-McNAIR front sweeper

and WM rear blower attachment

FLORY 7640 self-propelled sweeper w/ WISC.

DONAHUE 21′ trailer

JD 4 cyl. stationary engine w/ ROCKFORD clutch

DURRAND WAYLAND “SWANSON” S.S. 500g pto sprayer

FRONTIER 3 pt 7′ pto sickle bar mower


 CAT 85C belted crawler

 w/ WILCOX 3 pt


 CAT 45 belted crawler

 w/ 3 pt, pto


 CAT 35 belted crawler

w/ 3 pt, pto, 200g poly side tanks

 w/ extra set of tracks

 JD 8400 MFWD PS w/ rear duals

 JD 7600 PS w/ rear duals

 (2) JD 4640 PS w/ rear duals

 (2)JD 4440 PS w/ rear duals

 JD 6520L MFWD

 (2)JD 6510L MFWD w/ cabs

 JD 6410L MFWD

 JD 6300L

 JD 5525 MFWD

 JD 2510

 JD 300 w/ front loader


 CAT D7-17A

 AC HD 11AG w/ BEGE hyd.

 AC HD 9 w/ BEGE hyd.


 FORD 9N (Parts)


CUSTOM self-propelled bankout

w,Cab, planetary axles,CAT 3208,

(3) LILLISTON 6200 pull pto bean harvesters

 MAC DON 973 30′ header

 MAC DON 973 25′ header

 IHC 6 row corn header

 (2) SHELBOURNE-REYNOLDS 20’ stripper headers


 JD 650 30’ fold-up wheel disc

 TOWNER 651 18’ disc

 TOWNER 520 17’ disc

 TOWNER GB14 18’ disc (OUT OF SALE)

 IHC 21’ uni-beam disc

 JD 18’ pull disc

 BUSH HOG 7’ wheel disc

 JD  25′ 3 pt chisel

 JD 1600 16’ pull chisel

 GLENCO 16’ pull chisel

 AC 600 pull 3 shank ripper

 JUMBO pull 3 shank ripper (steel wheels)

 CUSTOM 3 shank pull ripper w/ hyd. (steel wheels)

 JD 3 pt 3 shank ripper

 ATLAS 4 bottom rollover plow

 JD 3 pt 3 bottom rollover plow


 REARS PAK-FLAIL 12’ pto chopper

 REARS PAK-FLAIL 14’ pto chopper

 (3) REARS PAK-FLAIL 15’ pto choppers

 (2) LOFTNESS 15’ pto choppers


 PORTER LDS20 20’ laser drag scraper w/ transport wheels

 SWECO 16’x 40’ tri-plane

 MARVIN 14’x 30’ tri-plane

 UNIVERSAL 26’x 30’ fold-up tri-plane

 UNIVERSAL 26’x 40’ fold-up tri-plane

 REYNOLDS 24’ vari-track landplane


 WEISS-McNAIR JD80 self-propelled sweeper-cab

 WEISS-McNAIR JD80 self-propelled sweeper-cab

 w/4’ extension-11’

 WM HS39 self-propelled sweeper-cab

 KILBY bin carrier

 COE bin carrier

 KILBY set shaker and receiver

 COE set shaker and receiver

 (2) SMART SPRAY AF500 CPS 1000 500g pto sprayers

 FLORY 730 pull pto almond harvester/rear hyd.

 CUSTOM 11’ orchard land plane/roller

 NELSON 11’ orchard land plane/roller

 SHOP built 20’ pruning tower-gas

 (4) AGMAC nut carts


 JD 71 6 row planter bar

 AC 1300 30’ field cultivator

 AC 1300 32’ field cultivator

 GLENCO 30’ field cultivator

 ALLOWAY cultivator w/ bed crowders

 JOHNSON AP 3-60 pto incorporator

 4 bar cultivator sleds

 (2) LILLISTON 15’ rolling cultivators

 CUSTOM pull V ditcher w/ hyd.

 3 pt ALFALPA border maker (OUT OF SALE)

 VENTURA 8 & 6 row planters

 ARCHER 18’(3) sect. heavy adj. harrow

 Pallets and Pallets of good cultivator tooling, clamps,Knives, standards, bed rollers and more !  (OUT OF SALE)


 1995 KW T800 3 axle low bed conv. truck

 1983 KW C600 2 axle conv. truck

 1985 INTL. S1900 2 ax. Truck

 1951 FORD F-5 400g tank fire truck

 1937 FORD water tank truck

 (2) 2011 PREMIERE grain trailers-roll tarps

1981 SIEBERT 40t lowbed (OUT OF SALE)

1985 set UTILITY 28 1/2′ flat hay trailers

 FRUEHAUF 15t 30’ tilt bed trailer

 HYSTER 35t 28’ tilt bed trailer w/ beavertail

 DONAHUE trailer

 CUSTOM 23’ implement carrier

 16’ 2 axle equipment trailer w/ramps

 16’ single axle equipment tilt bed trailer

 12’ 2 axle trailer

 (2) 5th wheel trailer dollys


 HYSTER S80SL 8000lb forklift(propane) (OUT OF SALE)

 BAKER-YORK 7,000lb forklift-gas (OUT OF SALE)


 SENCO 5 hp portable air compressor

 CHAMPION shop air compressor

 HUSKY pressure washer w/HONDA eng.

 COLEMAN MAXA 5000 portable generator

 KN ARONSON 1K150G plasma cutter and table

 CM250 cutting torch w/ table

 (3) welding cranes/stands

 HYD. hose fittings

 HD hyd. press and stand



Inventory includes AC PROWLER windshield

Tracks, seats, AC, accessories,

HUSQUAVARNA parts, chains, and filters

ARTIC CAT illuminated sign


 CUSTOM 8’x 12’ office trailer w/ AC

 KLEIN “HURICANE 12XD 12” portable ditch pump

 w/ CAT 5633 4 cyl. Engine

 BERKELEY ELB4J 4” portable pto pump

 HESTON 6450 swather w/ 15’ draper header

 AMCO 3 pt pto sidewinder ditcher

 RANCHERO fertilizer spreader

 CUSTOM 1,000g fuel wagn w/ HONDA eng/pump

 CUSTOM 980g fuel wagon w/ elect. pump

 (5) 550g fuel wagons w/ elect. pumps

 400g fuel wagon w/ elect. pump

 200g fuel wagon w/ elect. pump

 LILLISTON 14’ pull windrower

 CUSTOM 45’ 3 pt spray boom

 JD 10’ drag scraper w/ hyd.

 CUSTOM 10’ 3 pt angle blade w/ hyd. control

 3 pt 5’ angle blade

 (2)3 pt ridgers

 8’ pickup truck rack

 1,000g fuel tank

 Front end loader attachment

 JD 7700 and JD 8820 straw beaters and elevators

 TSI CH-23 tire changer/stand

 WHITEMAN portable cement mixer-gas

 BIG JOE electric portable manlift

 ATV side by side snow plow blade attachment

 (2) JD 4.5L stationary diesel engines

 3 pt equipment

OFFICE FURNITURE; Front office counter, office partitions, desks, chairs

and shelving.





Payment may be made by Cash, Certified Bank Cashier’s checks, or Bank wire.  Personal or Company checks must have a current dated Bank Letter of Guarantee payable to Putman Auctioneers Inc. (NO CREDIT CARDS EXCEPTED)

All equipment is sold “As-is, where is”, with no guarantees as to it’s condition.

A 10 % Buyers premimum will be charged on each item (Lot) selling for $ 2,500,or less.

Auctioneers not responsible for errors or omissions in inventory.

AUCTION is being held at the SWECO FACILITY on HWY 20 Sutter, CA


                 SUTTER, CA  95982

From Yuba City take State Hwy 20 West 8 miles to Sutter.  Continue West 1 mile to Auction Site. 

Click on any image to view larger.

Click on any image to view larger.

(2)sets PREMIERE ALU straight grain hoppers w roll tarps FLORY 7640 sweeper w/ WISC. JD 4 cylinder stationary engine w/ ROCKFORD clutch DONAHUE 20' trailer NH TN 75A tractor w/ WM front sweeper and rear blower
DURRAND WAYLAND S.S. pull pto sprayer FRONTIER 7' 3 pt pto sickle bar mower
CAT 85C CAT 45
JD 8400 MFWD CAT 35 JD 4640 PS JD 4440 PS JD 7600
JD 4640 PS PORTER LDS20 20' laser drag scraper UNIVERSAL 26'x 40' fold up tri-plane UNIVERSAL 26' X 30' fold up tri-plane SWECO 16' x 40' tri-plane
REYNOLD'S 24' vari-track land plane JD 2510 JD 5525 MFWD JD 6300L MFWD JD 300 IND. w/ frt. loader and shuttle clutch
CAT D6C 74A   (OUT OF SALE) AC HD 11AG w/ BEGE hyd. AC 1300 30' field cultivator JD 10' pull drag scraper w/ hyd. COE shaker and receiver
KILBY shake and receiver COE self-propelled bin carrier WM HS39 self-propelled sweeper WM JD 80 self-propelled sweeper w/ 4' extension WM JD80 self-propelled sweeper
DW- SMART SPRAY AF500 CPS 1000 500g pto sprayer DW SMART SPRAY AF500 CPS 1000 500g pto sprayer REARS PAK-FLAIL 12' pto chopper REARS PAK-FLAIL 14' pto chopper REARS PAK-FLAIL 15' pto chopper
JD 6510L MFWD w/ cab JD 6510L MFWD w/ cab JD 6410L MFWD w/ cab RANCHERO fertilizer spreader KLEIN "HURICANE 12XD" 12" portable ditch pump w/ CAT 5633 4 CYL ENG.
'95 KW T800 3 axle conventional truck tractor '83 KW 600 2 axle conventional truck 2011 PREMIERE grain trailers w roll tarps '81 SEIBERT 40t lowbed  (OUT OF SALE) FRUEHAUF 15t 30' tilt bed trailer
US INTL. 24' 3 axle trailer w/ ramps CUSTOM 23' implement carrier 12' 2 axle  trailer 16' 2 axle trailer '85 INTL. S1900 2 axle conventional truck
'85 set UTILITY flat hay trailers HYSTER 35t 28' tilt bed trailer w/ beavertail 1951 FORD F-5 fire truck 1937 FORD water truck CUSTOM 980g fuel wagon w/ electric pump
CUSTOM 550g fuel wagon w/ electric pump CUSTOM 200g fuel wagon w/electric pump JD 650 30' fold up wheel disc JD 1600 16' pull chisel
JD 25' 3 pt chisel MARVIN 14' x 30' tri-plane SHELBOURNE-REYNOLDS 20' stripper header LOFTNESS 15' pto chopper AC HD 9 w/ BEGE hyd.
CAT D7-17A OLIVER SUPER 55 tractor 500g fuel wagon w/ electric pump 200g fuel wagon w/ electric pump (2) LILLISTON 6200 pto bean harvesters
GLENCO 30' field cultivator HESTON 6450 swather w/ 15' draper header IHC 6 row corn header 5th wheel trailer dolly ATLAS 4 bottom rollover plow
JOHNSON AP 3-60 pto incorporator JD 3 bottom rollover plow SHOP BUILT 20' pruning tower-gas LILLISTON 14' pull windrower JUMBO pull 3 shank ripper w/ steel wheels
3 pt cultivator w/ bed rollers Cultivator bar Cultivator bar Cultivator bar Pallets and pallets of cultivator tooling, clamps,knives,bed rollers and MORE !
BUSH HOG 7' wheel disc Front loader bucket attachment WHITEMAN portable cement mixer-gas CHAMPION shop air compressor 8' pick up truck rack
metal work bench KN ARONSON 1K150G plasma cutter and table CM250 cutting torch w/ table Iron work table and stands Metal work tables and metal carts
Iron stakable racks JD 7700/8820  straw walkers and beeters JD 7700/8820 parts Illuminated sign ARTIC CAT snowmobile and atv inventory and parts
ARTIC CAT snowmobile seats etc. ARTIC CAT snowmobile accessories MISC. ATV and SNOW MOBILE parts MISC parts HUSQUAVARNA misc. parts, chains, filters
HUSQUAVARNA misc. OIL and LUBRICANTS 8' x 20' OFFICE TRAILER w/ AC OFFICE front counter w/ desks, chairs OFFICE furniture
OFFICE furniture

Putman Auctioneers, Inc.

958 Stewart Rd. Yuba City, CA 95991

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